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We hang TV's mount big screens custom wire your network reconfigure the spiderweb of wires in your basement enclose and hide all wiring so your left with just your beautiful display being only what you see!! Project planning and construction as well as wall fishing /snaking your lines through the walls to where you need it. We don't staple along the base molding or around trim like your basic cable tech, we custom wire through the walls attic and crawlspaces in your home.A basic tv wall mounted with the electric outlet and cable relocated to behind the TV like it is supposed to be and one HDMI wire included custom snaked to your electronics is $200 with free mount! (Mount included is standard flat mount $50 value) Best Buy will charge you over $400 and will not bring the cable to where you need it or supply the mount!

We also install surveillance cameras to protect your home.You can have a basic 4 camera outside dvr system fully installed for around $500! This system will record real time data for up to a month storage capacity!

We will get the wire where you want it for the cheapest price!! A Long island based company with over 10 years experience in the broadband industry. We are the best of the best when it comes to finding a way to get the cable where you need it without having to open walls to do it. With all the tools necessary that your basic cable tech does not carry.

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